Department of Radiology | Interventional Radiology Fellowship

The Division of Interventional Pediatric Radiology offers a one-year training program for physicians who have completed fellowship program in pediatric radiology or interventional radiology.

The pediatric interventional fellow will be exposed to all aspects of percutaneous interventions as they apply to children: the use of appropriate pediatric patient care techniques, vascular and organ access techniques using appropriately sized devices and the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of pediatric conditions.

Among the conditions frequently investigated and treated with interventional radiology are:

  • Embolization, sclerotherapy and laser photocoagulation of vascular anomalies. These can be venous, arteriovenous, or lymphatic malformations or vascular tumors.
  • Tissue biopsy and drainage procedures.
  • Enteric and venous accesses.
  • Neurovascular angiography and interventions.
  • Radiofrequency ablation.
  • Biliary and GU interventions.
  • Renovascular hypertension
  • Organ transplantation and oncologic interventions.

Facilities and Equipment:

In 2005 the division moved into a new suite which includes two DSA rooms, a recovery area, examining rooms, and a clinic. The Department of Anesthesia provides daily coverage with two or three teams. Equipment includes:

  • Three angiography rooms (Two biplane Siemens flat-panel systems with rotational and dyna-CT capabilities and one single plane)
  • Three Siemens Antares ultrasound machines
  • Two mobile Sonosite machines
  • Integrated IR recovery unit

Start date: July 1  
Number of PIR attendings: 6  
ACGME accredited: No

To Apply

Contact Gulraiz Chaudry, MB, ChB, MRCP, FRCR for more information. The application form may be downloaded here.