Department of Otolaryngology and Communication Enhancement | Insurance and Financial Information

The General Otolaryngology Program is a Foundation and therefore does its own billing for any surgeon's fees for clinic visits or surgery.

If your child has surgery:

There are three separate fees associated with ORL surgery.

Facility fee: billed by the hospital
Anesthesia fee: billed by Anesthesia Foundation
Surgeon's fee: billed by the Otolaryngologic Foundation

When contacting the ORL Foundation, please have your bill handy as you will be asked your account number and your child's date of birth.

Billing Inquiry Contact Information:

Phone: 508-947-8131
Toll-free: 800-488-3858
Fax: 508-947-7956

Mailing Address:
CHMC Otolaryngologic Foundation
P.O. Box 4162
Woburn, MA 01888-4162

All Other Programs

All other programs are billed through the hospital.