Our Healing Environment

Emerging evidence in healthcare design has established a new standard for patient-centered design. Hundreds of studies show a direct link between patient health, quality of care and the way a hospital is designed.

As part of Facilities Management, the Art Coordinator works closely with architects, project managers and consultants to integrate art into the environment. Artwork is often original and custom-made to meet hospital standards, reduce stress, improve one's ability to cope with pain, and just make people feel better proves what we knew -- that the arts are an essential part of a healing environment.

Our diverse art collection plays an important role in supporting the ideal patient experience. A variety of artworks; sculpture, glass, kinetic and lighted artworks fill the hospital with visual delight. In clinical settings, the art becomes a way to distract and relax patients so that procedures go more smoothly.

The Art Program is one of the many ways we strive to provide the best possible patient care, quality and satisfaction to patients and families visiting Boston Children's Hospital. Learn more about evidence-based healthcare design: www.healthdesign.org

Learn more about the use of arts in healthcare: www.thesah.org