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Boston Children’s leads the world in pediatric innovation. Our researchers and caregivers have embodied a culture of innovation—building tools, technologies and techniques that have shaped pediatric medicine and changed children’s lives for more than 100 years.

But the 21st century has brought new demands. We have sharpened our mission and embraced a global, inclusive model.

Our mission is to ensure that life-changing innovations know no boundaries and reach those who matter most: our children. We empower clinicians, researchers and entrepreneurs to transform pediatric health care—within our walls and throughout the world—turning groundbreaking visions into reality. Collaboration—an open community of innovation that welcomes partners from all communities regardless of geography or industry—is central to our mission.

Innovator Spotlight

Len ZonWhere science connects with care: A Q&A with Leonard Zon

Leonard Zon, MD, is founder and director of the Stem Cell Research Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. His laboratory research focuses on stem cell therapies for patients with cancer and blood disorders, using a high-throughput, automated system for screening potential drugs in zebrafish. Zon was cofounder of Scholar Rock and Fate Therapeutics and founder and past president of the International Society for Stem Cell Research.  Read more.

The Faces of Innovation

The Faces of Innovation” e-book features a handful of the best and brightest from Boston Children’s Hospital’s innovation community, their groundbreaking ideas and the children who inspired them.

Read about some of the innovations conceived and brought to life by Boston Children’s scientists, doctors, administrators — all of them caregivers, all of them innovators — and the children whose lives they changed.

Get the e-book to learn more about Boston Children’s innovative procedures, therapies and devices.

Featured innovations include:

  • bridge-enhanced ACL repair (BEAR) – a less invasive way to treat ACL tears that may reduce arthritis risk
  • 3-D printing
  • E-4 seizure-detecting wristwatch

And more.

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