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OPENPediatricsTM is designed to promote sharing of knowledge about the care of ill children, so that doctors and nurses anywhere across the globe can have access to colleagues and vital information when they need it. The objective is to provide education on general principles and optimal practice in the diagnosis and care of an ill child. Fundamental to this vision is that this platform is academically rigorous and peer-reviewed, open-source and not-for-profit, and coalesces, leverages and scales the accrued wisdom of international partners in a global effort to improve the care provided to ill children. Specifically, the platform will provide:
  1. information on demand on the care of ill children
  2. a digital and video social network capability for collaboration and knowledge exchange
  3. curricular pathways for training clinicians on essential concepts related to the care of ill children


Leverage technology to promote worldwide sharing and exchange of knowledge about the care of sick children.


Create a global community of practice and connect clinicians to improve the care of children worldwide.


Educate: Develop and promote sharing of high quality educational materials for the international exchange of information.

Innovate: Transform the current paradigm of medical education through the development of novel technologies to enhance learning worldwide.

Share: Use social technology to enable the sharing of information among health care providers worldwide.

Collaborate: Work together with partners worldwide to enhance the capabilities of a knowledge exchange platform.

Research: Conduct and share innovation research to increase understanding of medical learning behaviors around the world.

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