Frequently Asked Questions

Who can request help?

Any faculty or trainee at Boston Children's Hospital is eligible to request our help. Clinical, preclinical, or translation research studies are all eligible.

When should I consult with a biostatistician?

As early in the planning stages of your study as possible!

How can I access services?

  • If your department/division has a dedicated BARD Core biostatistician, talk to your mentor/chief to arrange support.
  • If your department/division does not have a dedicated BARD Core biostatistician, request support.
  • If you request support, you can select one of two options:
    • A free one-hour consult with our staff
    • Funded support by our staff

How does Funded Support work?

Funded Support is needed if the Investigator requires more help than a one-hour consult can provide

  • The BARD Core member and the Investigator determine the number of hours or percent effort required over a fixed period of time.
  • Budget and scope of work are created and approved by ICCTR and Investigator. Note that rates vary according to expertise and experience.
  • BARD Core bills the Investigator for the work quarterly unless otherwise specified.
  • Trainees (e.g. Residents and Fellows) with research scholarship requirements:
    • 20 hours of support for $500

Note that funding is not required if the work is for an extramural grant application that budgets support for the BARD staff member (as co-investigator, or key personnel).

How to do I prepare for a consult with a BARD core member?

  • Have your study aims/hypotheses finalized
  • If possible, explore funding resources in case you require additional support beyond the consult
  • Consider whether the degree of collaboration you require with the BARD Core member may entail authorship on the resulting academic product

How soon after I submit a request can I expect a response?

Someone from the BARD Core will contact you within 10 business days to discuss your request. If you need to speak with us sooner, please email Judy Fleming, the ICCTR Administrative Director at