Patient Recruitment

CHB offers a matrix of technologies and creative services to facilitate study participant recruitment and retention strategies. These technologies may be employed in combination with one another and tailored to fit the requirements of a research project.

  • Online study pre-screener surveys and decision trees

  • Informational study Web sites for prospective patients and investigators

  • CHB Volunteer Registry

  • CHB Search for Clinical Trial Web Site

  • CHB Data Warehouse queries and patient lists from CHQuery

Pre-screener Surveys

The CHB survey software can be leveraged to collect data from prospective study participants interested in volunteering for clinical research. The survey software may be used to provide patients with an interactive decision tree to assess eligibility and feed contact information to study coordinators.

Informational Study Web Site

The CHB content management system (CMS) can be used to create simple and easy-to-maintain study Web sites. The site content may be geared for recruiting both new patients as well as new investigators. Information regarding the study, health information, links and study progress reports may be posted online.

The CMS is developed and supported by the ISD Web Team and Public Relations. The sites are maintained solely by the research team and links to the site can be integrated directly into departmental Web sites and pages.

CHB Volunteer Registry

CHB-Connect is an institutionally sponsored central registry of patients volunteering for clinical research. The registry may be searched by any principal investigator with an IRB-approved protocol. Volunteers are solicited through the CHB Web site and can sign up online or through a 1-800 phone number. More information on the CHB-Connect system may be found on the CHB Web site.

CHB Search for Clinical Trial Web Site

The Search for Clinical Trial Web site is a central listing of all active clinical trials and research studies at CHB. Any principal investigator with an active IRB-approved protocol may register their study online. Prospective participants can search the Web site by key word or categorical phrases. Contact information and eligibility criteria are included in the listings.

CHQuery - Clinical Data Warehouse Tool

Clinical investigators may use the CHQuery business intelligence tool to search for prospective patients located in the CHB clinical data warehouse (CDW). Custom queries and patient list reports are be generated with help from the CRIT or Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence team. The data warehouse contains all information stored in the medical records and billing system. IRB-approved protocols may access patient identifiers and clinical data including lab results, physical exams, clinic notes and ADT details.