Throughout her PhD and now into her postdoc, Sarah has sought to understand how negative experiences (from unpleasant to traumatic) lead to changes in neural signaling, neural activity dynamics, and altered behavior.

Sarah has expertise in running large-scale rodent behavioral studies, including using optogenetics, chemogenetics, photometry, and mini-endoscope recordings to observe and manipulate neural activity during freely-moving behavior. The imaging studies have entailed development and implementation of pre-processing and statistical analytical methods for large-scale imaging datasets in MATLAB.

During her postdoc, Sarah has imaged a stress-responsive genetically defined population of neurons in the mouse lateral septum. Through experiments using freely-moving anxiety and fear assays, she has outlined a novel role for this population in behavioral state regulation and appropriate response to unexpected potential threats.


Sarah received her PhD from UCLA in 2010, for the role of the cholinergic system in contextual learning and traumatic fear. She is currently in the lab of Todd Anthony in the Kirby Neurobiology Center at Boston Children's Hospital, where she studies the role of a stress-responsive lateral septal neuronal population on stress, anxiety, and fear. Outside of the lab, Sarah is a published fiction author and member of the classical singing group, Back Bay Chorale.

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