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Honoring Prouty Garden | Overview

Respecting and honoring the Prouty Garden and the respite it provided is an important element in our thoughtful design of new garden spaces throughout the hospital. As we transform tomorrow, these new green and open spaces, which will be both indoors and outdoors, will create new, lasting memories and traditions for families that build upon what we learned from the Prouty Garden.

Many of the Prouty Garden’s most beloved plants and statues will be part of the new gardens, and some of the dirt from the garden will be incorporated into the new five principal gardens.

In October 2015, Boston Children's invited patients, families and staff to a celebration of the beauty, healing and comfort that Prouty Garden has brought over the years, as well as an advance look at the new green spaces that will carry the Prouty's tradition of peace and respite across our entire campus. The event, sponsored by the Boston Children's Hospital Chaplaincy and the Greenspace Work Group, gave those in attendance an opportunity to share their stories and memories and to make a toast celebrating what Prouty Garden has meant to them.

Dirt from the Prouty Garden was added to five pots, which will be preserved and carried over to the five principal gardens in Boston Children's plans for future green space. Families and staff could also take home jars filled with soil from Prouty and seeds from the Dawn Redwood, in order to carry on the Prouty's tradition in their own way. Many of the Prouty's most beloved plants and statues bore yellow ribbons, denoting that they have already been assigned new homes in Boston Children's new gardens.