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ENFit Feeding Tube Adapters

GI Feeding Tube Users: if you do not have ENFit tubes, you may need an adapter to deliver feeds or medications. Contact your pharmacy or home care company.

Dick Argys headshot

Executive Vice President, Hospital, Satellite and Ambulatory Operations, Chief Culture Officer


Dick Argys joined Boston Children’s Hospital as the Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer in March 2009. He is an experienced hospital leader with 28 years of increasingly high-level responsibilities, and direct experience with the intricacies of providing pediatric care. Prior to coming to Boston Children’s, he served as the Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer at Women & Infants Hospital in Providence, R.I. Prior to that, Dick was the EVP and COO at Denver Children's Hospital for 14 years.

He has a Masters in Health Care Administration from the University of Michigan and a B.S. from Cornell University. Dick is responsible for many of the day-to-day operations of the hospital.