Ethics Advisory Committee

Ethics Advisory Committee

The Ethics Advisory Committee (“EAC”) is a peer review committee associated with the Office of Ethics. The Ethics Advisory Committee is multidisciplinary with rotating members with a range of experience including physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, as well as individuals from the community. The EAC does retrospective review of consults provided by the Office of Ethics, engages in review and drafting of ethics related hospital policies, and participates in ethics consults requiring consensus of the full EAC and in cases involving novel issues.


Charlotte Harrison, PhD JD MPH
David Urion MD

Peta Alexander, MBBS
Natasha N. Aljalian, JD LLM (community member)
John Casey, RN
Kira Dies, ScM, CGC
Serena Fernandes, MD
Viki Garvin, RN BSN CCRN
Faye Holder-Niles, MD, MPH
Maggie Kirber, LCSW
Lois Lee, MD, MPH
Shih-Ning Liaw, MD
Brian McAlvin, MD
Michael McManus, MS MPH
Al Patterson, PharmD
Nancy Rodig, MD
Ruben Rojas
Amal Scott, MBA
Jennifer Steadman, RN
Andrea Vandeven, MD MPH
Melissa Vela, MDiv, BCC
Sally Vitali, MD
Deborah White, RN BSN CCRN
Julian Willard, MTH PhD

Senior Ethics Associates
Jeffrey Burns, MD MPH
Christine Mitchell, RN MS MTS FAAN
Bob Truog, MD

Ethics Associates
Irina Anselm, MD
Theonia Boyd, MD
Stephen Brown, MD
David Browning, MSW LISCSW
Barbara Burr, MD PhD
David Coulter, MD
Christy Cummings, MD
David Diamond MD
Talia Engelhart, MPH
Judi Friedson, RN MS
Judith Johnson, JD
Stacy Kahn, MD
Daniel Kamin, MD
Gal Kober, PhD (community member)
Jennifer Kesselheim, MD MBE
John D. Mayer, MD
Paul McLean (community member)
Gus Papadakis, MD
Jehanna Peerzada, MD
Lisa Pixley, RN
Sadath, Sayeed, MD JD
Allison Scobie-Carroll, LICSW, MBA
Patrick Smith, MDiv PhD (community member)
Melissa Uveges, PhD, MAR, RN (community member)
Meredith van der Velden, MD
David Waisel, MD

Ex-Officio Members
Meera Basu, MD
Rachel Conrad, MD
Rachel Deming, MD
Judy Farley, MSN RN
Rebecca Harris, MD
James Horgan, JD
Susan Kornetsky, MPH
Edwin Palmer MD PhD MPH
Anne Sullivan, MD
Basel Tarab, MHA
Lauren Veit, MD
Laura Wood, DNP MS RN

Clinical Ethicists
Kerri Kennedy, BS MA RN
Jonathan Marron, MD
Lisa Taylor, JD MD