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ENFit Feeding Tube Adapters

GI Feeding Tube Users: if you do not have ENFit tubes, you may need an adapter to deliver feeds or medications. Contact your pharmacy or home care company.

How to schedule

There are two ways to schedule an appointment:

  • Phone: Call our schedulers at 617-355-6571, option 3.
  • Online: Submit an appointment request online. One of our schedulers will respond to your request within two business days.

Treatment referrals and second opinions

Please inform the schedulers if you have a referral from your doctor.

If you are being referred or have been seen by another dental provider, we may ask that a treatment referral be sent to us by the previous provider.

If your child has been seen at a different office, please bring the dental x-rays to your appointment.

Attendance policy

It is important that your child attend every scheduled appointment. Failure to keep appointments will unnecessarily delay your child's treatment and may jeopardize his or her oral health.

What to bring to your appointment

  • hospital card
  • insurance cards (medical and dental)
  • insurance referrals if applicable
  • any dental records

If this is your child's first visit, a parent or guardian is required to attend the appointment to complete the necessary paperwork and to be involved in discussions regarding treatment planning and outcomes.

Learn more about your child's condition

Each of our specialty clinics include related health links that might be useful when researching your child's condition. In addition, we recommend the following websites for more information:

Note: For follow-up visits, we try to schedule children ages 5 and under in the morning. It is our experience that these children tend to be more cooperative earlier in the day.