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Histology Laboratory

The Histology Laboratory is a state-of-the-art histopathology laboratory that provides a variety of high-quality tissue preparations that are ready for interpretation. The laboratory is currently staffed by certified histotechnologists who are experienced in all aspects of anatomic pathology laboratory operations. These preparations provide the pathologist with the ability to provide the most accurate and up to date tissue diagnoses available.

Services provided

  • tissue processing and paraffin embedding from formalin fixed, frozen and alcohol fixed intact tissue specimens and cytology specimens.
  • paraffin and frozen tissue microtomy
  • routine H&E and histochemical stains performed on standard sized paraffin blocks and whole tissue sections
  • immunohistochemistry on paraffin embedded, formalin fixed tissues
  • select enzyme histochemical, immunofluorescence, and in situ hybridization stains

Cytology Laboratory

The Cytology Laboratory strives to provide high quality cytologic preparations to facilitate diagnostic accuracy and timely reporting of results.


Non-Gynecologic specimens: The Department of Pathology offers same-day interpretation for routine non-gynecologic specimens arriving in the department before noon on weekdays. Specimens that arrive in the department after noon will be processed and interpreted the following day. Professional staff diagnose these materials and results are available online immediately after verifications.

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