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Andrea Stracciolini | Education

Undergraduate School

BA, Nursing

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

1987, Philadelphia, PA

Graduate School

University of Pennsylvania

1990, Philadelphia, PA

Medical School

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

1994, Philadelphia, PA


General Pediatrics

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

1997, Philadelphia, PA


Sports Medicine

Boston Children's Hospital

2001, Boston, MA

Andrea Stracciolini | Professional History

Dr. Andrea Stracciolini is a primary care sports medicine physician at Boston Children's Hospital's Sports Medicine Division. She is the director of their Performing Artist Athletes Program. Dr. Stracciolini specializes in dance medicine, the pediatric and young adult hip, musculoskeletal ultrasound and ultrasound guided injection therapy. 

Andrea Stracciolini | Publications

Throughout my career as a Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Sports Medicine physician I have strived to make teaching a priority, while providing comprehensive clinical care to all of my patients. Currently, I am a full time attending physician in primary care sports medicine at the Boston Children's Hospital. As such, I have been able to further my career academically and clinically, with a special focus on sports and dance injury prevention, exercise promotion in children, and musculoskeletal ultrasound. Lecturing internationally, nationally and regionally has been a priority throughout my career.

Teaching others what I have had the luxury of learning from leaders in the field of Sports Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital is a critical and inherent part of my academic career. Pivotal to my career development, has been my work with pediatric exercise science specialists. Our goal is to promote the early diagnosis and treatment of children who are exercise deficient. Furthering my research on exercise promotion and injury prevention in young children is a significant future goal, and one that I look forward to. I will continue to strive to learn and build skills in new and exciting ways, and educate those in my path.