Healthful Living

Regular physical activity, combined with a nutritious diet and proper sleep habits, are key to a healthy lifestyle. This directory provides information on different ways that caregivers can instill these and other healthy habits in their children.

Healthful living topics

The list below provides general information on common healthful living topics. Browse through the other tabs to find more in-depth information and fact sheets about specific areas of healthful living. 


Healthful living information sheets: diet and exercise

Encouraging exercise and teaching smart eating habits can establish healthy patterns that will last into adulthood. This section offers easy ideas and activities to help children get excited about nutrition and exercise.


Healthful living information sheets: sleep and hygiene

Healthy sleep and hygiene should be taught early in life. This section offers information you ways you can encourage good hygiene habits and set an established sleeping pattern for your child. 


Healthful living information sheets: healthy habits

Every day can be a healthy day for you and your children. This section offers ideas on how to encourage healthy habits and spend time together as a family.