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Thanks to advances in medical and surgical care, most people born with serious congenital heart defects are now surviving long into adulthood. Adults with congenital heart disease continue to need care throughout their lives. These patients are best served by clinicians who understand their complex and unique needs.

Boston Children's Hospital has a lifetime commitment to our patients through the Boston Adult Congenital Heart (BACH) and Pulmonary Hypertension Program. In partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, we offer a full range of inpatient and outpatient clinical services to adults with congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension, from diagnosis to cardiac catheterization and surgical repair. What’s more, we’re devoted to helping our patients maximize their physical, emotional, medical, and social health.

Our program cares for adult patients with all forms of congenital heart problems and pulmonary hypertension. We currently see more than 3,000 adults annually. While many of our patients have been seen at Boston Children's Hospital their entire lives, we welcome new patients of every age. There's no patient too complex for our team.

Erin with her partner at the Cliffs of Moher.

Meet Erin

She’s one of many patients who have worked with the Adult Congenital Heart Program to monitor her condition.

Our depth of experience in adult congenital heart disease

The BACH program provides comprehensive care to adult patients living with congenital heart disease (CHD). We are committed to advancing care both by training the future leaders in our field as well as advancing medical science through research. All of our doctors are involved with the American Heart Association (AHA), the American College of Cardiology (ACC), and the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA), a national, patient-run group that lobbies to improve the quality of life of adults with CHD through education, outreach, and promotion of research.

The BACH Program is one of first in the country to receive accreditation from the ACHA. We are the only accredited ACHD program in New England, and have 10 ACHD board-certified cardiologists on staff. We are honored to have worked with the ACHA since its inception and we continue to serve as members on the medical advisory board. Over the years, we have worked with the ACHA to create standards of excellence for adults living with CHD.

Why choose BACH?

Boston Children's has been home to some of the greatest medical and social innovations for adults with congenital heart diseases. Our program is staffed by specially trained doctors and nurses who are dedicated to helping all of our patients find their own pathway to success.

We provide world-class, comprehensive care by coordinating and collaborating in many different areas. Our services range from outpatient to inpatient to intensive care, and include:

  • advanced cardiovascular imaging
  • cardiac and non-cardiac surgeries
  • cardiac anesthesia guidance
  • catheter-based diagnostics and interventions
  • electrophysiologic diagnostics and interventions
  • heart failure management and transplantation evaluation
  • vascular medicine diagnostics and therapies
  • pulmonary hypertension diagnostics and therapies
  • support for young patients transitioning from pediatric to adult care
  • contraception and family planning
  • comprehensive women’s health
  • family and patient support and guidance
  • financial and advocacy guidance

Whenever needed, our team collaborates with a wide range of other specialists to provide a full spectrum of care for our patients. We routinely work with electrophysiologists, cardiac surgeons, obstetricians, gynecologists, intensivists, pulmonologists, oncologists, gastroenterologists, hematologists, nephrologists, and dentists.

Senior Fellowship Program

We offer a two-year multi-institutional fellowship program in adult congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension at Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital. The program currently accepts two fellows each year.