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In the 2021-22 Match, in accordance with national consensus recommendations, all interviews and recruitment activities will be conducted virtually. There will be many similarities from past in-person interviews. Approximately 30 to 40 candidates will be invited to interview by the Resident Selection Committee and will have opportunities to meet virtually with several clinical and research faculty as well as current neurology residents. Recruitment activities will include recorded informational videos, an orientation session with our chief residents, a series of interviews, Q&A with residency program leaders, and opportunities to interact formally and informally with our faculty and our neurology residents. If you are invited for an interview we will try to arrange for you to meet with clinicians or researchers in your area of interest. For MD/PhD applicants, we can arrange additional sessions to discuss research and fellowship opportunities in the Boston area as well as meetings with scientists in specific fields of interest.

Because of the very large volume of applicants we receive, and the holistic review we perform, the review process takes us six weeks. We send out interview invitations as soon as have completed our review, but applications are reviewed randomly and some reviews inevitably occur toward the end of the review period. We expect to have issued all our invitations this year by November 9.

Our interview dates for this year: 

Pediatric Interview Dates:

Monday, November 29

Wednesday, December 1

Monday, December 13*

Monday, December 20**

Thursday, January 6

Monday, January 10*

* Research focused day

** NDD Day

As some dates are customized for specific groups of interviewees (e.g. MD/PhD, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities), you may receive an interview invitation to a specific date. Our policy is that we do not send more invitations to interview than we have interview slots available. We do not read applications in any systematic order and we issue invitations for interviews when enough information is available for us to make a decision. This year ERAS doesn’t open until October 21 and we do not anticipate completing the review of all our applications before November 30. We expect that all applicants will be notified about their interview on or before that date unless applications are incomplete at that time. Often, some applicants from a school will be invited to interview before others are. This is usually just a consequence of our reading some applications before others and should not be a cause for concern. As noted earlier, we review applications that are received after the November 20 deadline, but interviews are only rarely granted to those who apply late unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case please alert us by email.

For specific questions about the Child Neurology residency, please contact the Residency Program Director Dr. Miya Bernson-Leung at For specific questions about the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities residency, please contact the Residency Program Director Dr. Elizabeth Barkoudah at You may also arrange a time to speak with Drs. Bernson-Leung or Barkoudah by calling Stephanie Hansbury at 617-355-7819.

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