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Addressing preventable deaths in children | Overview


In Tanzania, diarrhea is a major cause of mortality in children under age 5. Despite this, little research has been done to improve treatment.

Where We Started

Christopher Duggan, MD, MPH, a pediatric gastroenterologist and nutrition physician at Boston Children's Hospital—where he directs the Center for Nutrition—is studying the micro-nutrient zinc and its use for diarrhea treatment in a two-country study (India and Tanzania).

Our Impact

The Zinc Therapeutic Dose Trial will determine the optimal dose of therapeutic zinc supplements for treatment of acute diarrhea in children under age 5 in low- and middle-income settings. The results of this trial are likely to be applicable to childhood acute diarrhea in similar resource-limited settings and may influence global policy about treatment of acute diarrhea.

You Can Make a Difference

With your support, we can continue vital research that will improve care for children and adults worldwide.