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What if I only ate fast food and drank sugary beverages today?



Hey, nobody’s perfect

Anybody can have an off day. We call this a “slip.” It doesn’t mean that you’ve failed and should give up on healthy eating. Knowing that you “slipped” is the first step to getting back on track!

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  • Why did I eat fast food? Why did I drink sugary beverages?
  • It can be hard to make healthful choices. Some kids say:
    • “I don’t have time for anything else.”
    • “My friends are eating these kinds of foods.”
  • Can you relate? What’s hard for you? What could you do?

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Get some ideas that have worked for other kids

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Plan ahead

  • When short on time, plan ahead. The night before, think about what you will eat the next day. Or, on the weekend, think about what you will eat during the week. Ask an adult to help you.
  • Plan balanced meals. Remember the plate model. Think 1-2-3-+. What can you prepare in advance? Check out fit kit recipes.
  • Put paired snacks in small bags, so that you can just “grab and go.”
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Check out your options

  • When hanging out with friends, what could you do for fun without food?
  • If you go to a fast food restaurant, remember the main messages. Give your best effort to eat balanced meals and paired snacks.

Examples of balanced meals


  • start with salad greens and other vegetables
  • add cheese and/or chopped egg
  • add beans
  • drizzle with dressing and/or sprinkle with seeds or nuts
  • beverage: water (or white milk)


  • grilled chicken usually is an okay choice
  • add lettuce and tomato, if possible
  • order apple slices, not fries
  • The bun is a red/stop and think food. Would you consider removing the top of the bun? You would be left with what’s called an “open face sandwich”
  • spread mayonnaise, rather than ketchup, on the sandwich
  • beverage: water (or white milk)


Examples of paired snacks

  • chili (beans) with cheese
  • apple slices with milk
  • garden side salad with dressing