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Why do I get so hungry sometimes? What should I do?



Listen to what your body is telling you

Sometimes you can feel so hungry your stomach growls, you feel cranky or sleepy, or you have a headache. This is your body’s way of letting you know you are running low on fuel.

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  • When was the last time this happened to me? Why did I feel so hungry?
  • You may feel hungry for a variety of reasons. Some kids say:
    • “The last thing I ate was potato chips with a sugary drink.”
    • “I don’t have time for breakfast, so I skip it.”
    • “I waited too long to eat since my last meal.”
  • Do any of these sound like you? What could you do differently? 

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Get some ideas that have worked for other kids.


Stay off the blood sugar roller coaster

  • Many kids eat and drink things like: Kellogg’s® Fruit Loops, Kellogg’s® Pop Tarts, Yoplait® Go Gurt, Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish, pretzels, chips, Hostess® Twinkies, chocolate milk, and juice boxes. Do you ever have these kinds of things?
  • These are all high-glycemic carbs that put you on a blood sugar roller coaster: at first you feel energized, but pretty soon your blood sugar crashes, and so does your energy. You may also feel hungry when blood sugar drops too low.
  • Choose low-glycemic carbs instead, like apples, cucumbers, pears, snap peas, or beans.
  • Kids who eat this way, following the Boston Children’s fit kit main messages, find it easier to pay attention in school, have more energy for exercise, and are more likely to enjoy after-school activities.

Eat breakfast

  • When you skip breakfast, you probably feel hungry shortly after starting the day. You may be “starved” by lunchtime.
  • Check out the Boston Children’s fit kit recipes for balanced breakfasts – such as overnight oats in a jar or layered yogurt parfait – which can be made the night before.
  • Some kids eat paired snacks for a quick breakfast.

Pack snacks

  • If you wait several hours to eat between meals, you’ve probably waited too long.
  • Snacking is good for you when you choose the right foods.
  • Pack paired snacks for eating away from home. Use small plastic bags or reusable containers. Many kids enjoy fruit and nuts as a “grab and go” snack. No refrigeration required.