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What if I need electronic devices for school work?



Know when to use electronic devices

Electronic devices allow you to type a school report on a laptop or read a textbook on a tablet. Staying on top of your school work is very important! The time that you spend on electronic devices for school does not count toward the recommended limit for entertainment screen time. But it’s still important to take active breaks. 

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  • What types of electronic devices do I use for school work? How are they helpful?
  • It’s not necessary to avoid electronic devices at school. Some kids say:
    • “It’s easier to carry a tablet than books.”
    • “My teacher makes us submit homework online.”
    • “It’s easier and quicker to do school work on electronic devices.”
  • These are all good points. Can you relate? What could you do?

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Get some ideas that have worked for other kids

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Paper and pencils

  • While more and more books are available electronically, don’t forget the library is also full of them! Enjoy going to the library to find interesting books.
  • Using a book means you won’t be distracted with texts or social media as you might while on a laptop or tablet.
  • When writing a paper, use paper and pencils to brainstorm ideas ahead of time! Once you have your thoughts written down, it’s easier to begin drafting the paper on a computer. This also helps to limit the time you spend in front of a computer or laptop screen.
  • A computer or laptop may come with a lot of distractions. Can you think of some distractions that can make it harder to start or finish a school paper? Close any programs that may distract you. Stay focused on your work.
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Take active study breaks

  • Take active study breaks to reduce the time in front of screens. Walk around your house, go up and down stairs, or do high knees and jumping jacks in place.
  • Short breaks will help boost energy to stay focused on your homework!