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Boston Children's Hospital main campus

Main Building, 1st floor (printable directions)

The Perioperative Care Coordination Clinic is located in the Main Building on the first floor.

If you valet park or are inside the Boston Children's main lobby:

When you enter the main lobby on the ground level (B), take the musical stairs (Main Stairs) or the elevator (Lobby Elevator) up one level to the first floor (both are located on your left when facing the interactive media wall just past the information desks). Turn left at the top of the stairs or when exiting the lobby elevator, and the PCCC will be on your left just after the Patient Entertainment Center (PEC).

If you self park at the Patient and Family Garage (Fazzalari Sky Bridge):

The Boston Children’s Patient and Family Garage is located directly across the street from our main entrance at 300 Longwood Ave. The garage is on the corner of Longwood Avenue and Blackfan Street, with the entrance located on Blackfan Street.

The Fazzalari Sky Bridge, the new pedestrian bridge between the garage and Boston Children’s Hospital, provides safer, more direct access and improves the overall patient and family experience during arrivals and departures. We recommend that you take the Fazzalari Sky Bridge from the garage to the hospital.

From the parking garage, take the elevators to the fourth floor (this is where the hospital bridge connects to the parking garage). Walk across the bridge. Walk past the first reception desk on the left. A little further down the corridor, go past the set of stairs (Main Stairs) and an elevator (Lobby Elevator) on the left side of the hallway. The Perioperative Care Coordination Clinic (PCCC) is located on the left just after the Patient Entertainment Center (PEC) on the same floor as the bridge access.

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