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Information such as recent medical evaluations, physical exams, tests, etc. should be faxed to the Perioperative Care Coordination Clinic (PCCC) from all of your child's doctors. (Note: Information from doctors who are at Boston Children's Hospital does not need to be faxed.)

This allows time for information to be reviewed prior to your arrival, and additional tests or appointments can be scheduled. Please request the most recent records from your doctors and have them sent by mail or fax to the Perioperative Care Coordination Clinic (PCCC) before your arrival. Please call 617-355-3765 first and speak with the chart nurse so he or she knows to expect this.

Bring on the day of your PCCC Pre-Operative appointment:

  • Blood work (if done at an outside lab)
  • Medications that your child is currently taking. Please bring a written list of all medications including over-the-counter medications (doses should be in milligrams).  Pharmacy receipts, photos of bottles, or printout from physician office.
  • Immunization records
  • Insurance information
  • Copy of court papers designating legal guardianship (if applicable)
  • Written list of questions that you or your child may have 

For more information, please call the PCCC at 617-355-3765.

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