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Transitioning to Adult Care | Overview

Transitioning to adult health services is part of a normal developmental process as health needs change for individuals as they age. It’s important that young adults develop more independence with their own health. Caregivers or parents play a critical role. This role involves not only helping their children develop these skills, but also transferring over responsibility to their child. And, for individuals who cannot make their own decisions in adulthood, caregivers must prepare for changes as their children age.

The Boston Children’s Hospital Social Work Transition Committee

The Boston Children’s Social Work Transition Committee addresses the psychosocial aspects of transition from pediatric to adult health care. Our team consists of social workers, physicians, psychology, administration and legal. The committee designs patient, caregiver and provider materials, conducts trainings and consults on a wide range of transition-related issues throughout the hospital, as well as the community.

The transition committee seeks to:

  • understand transition best practices and provide consultation
  • educate patients, caregivers and providers of the challenges of navigating transition
  • optimize health care independence among our patients

Email the Social Work Transition Committee or call 617-355-7965.

Learn more about the details of transitioning to adult care for patients, caregivers, and health care providers.


What happens when I turn 18?

What Happens When I Turn 18? gives young adults information that they need about their responsibilities as legal adults. Learn about consenting, privacy/sharing information, assigning a health care proxy and more.

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What happens when my child turns 18?

Our guardianship booklets have information about what guardianship is and how to get it, including some state specific information and resources for families coming from the states where Boston Children’s Hospital patients generally come from.

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Your Child's Transfer to Adult Providers

A guide for parents

Your Child’s Transfer to Adult Providers: A Guide for Parents provides guidance to parents/caregivers as they help young adults navigating the transfer from pediatric to adult care providers.

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Transfer of Care guide for Young Adults

Transfer of Care to Adult Providers

A guide for young adults

Transfer of Care to Adult Providers: A Guide for Young Adults provides guidance to patients as they navigate the transfer from pediatric to adult care providers.

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A Parent's Guide to Health Insurance

Health Insurance Overview

A Parent’s Guide to Health Insurance is an overview of things to consider in guiding children through health insurance as they reach adulthood or, if they will not be able to navigate on their own due to disabilities, gives guidance on what to consider on their behalf.

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A Young Adult's Guide to Health Insurance

Health Coverage and You: A Young Adult’s Guide to Health Insurance has information about things to consider related to starting out as an adult and navigating the insurance maze. It includes a helpful worksheet to help consider personal factors which might impact the choices.

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