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Principal Investigator

Michelle Bosquet Enlow, PhD Michelle Bosquet Enlow, PhD

Dr. Bosquet Enlow, principal investigator of the BRL, is a developmental and clinical psychologist with specialized training in infant mental health (birth to age 5), the assessment and treatment of traumatic stress in children and adults, the development of child stress regulation, and the etiology and maintenance of anxiety. She received a B.A. in psychology from Yale University (mentor Dr. Alice Carter) and a PhD from the developmental psychopathology and clinical science program at the University of Minnesota (mentor Dr. Byron Egeland). She completed an internship in clinical psychology and a fellowship in infant mental health at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (mentor Dr. Joy Osofsky) and an APA-accredited postdoctoral fellowship in clinical psychology through the Boston Consortium in Clinical Psychology (mentor Dr. Glenn Saxe). Dr. Bosquet Enlow is particularly interested in understanding how risk for mental health difficulties throughout life are established in early development. Ultimately, she aims to design interventions that support healthy development and prevent the occurrence of mental health problems, particularly in highly vulnerable populations.

Research Assistants

Headshot of Sarah Dickerson, a woman with dark brown hair. Sarah Dickerman
Clinical Research Specialist I

Sarah received her BA in Psychology from Cornell University. She previously conducted research in addiction recovery at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her current research interests focus on understanding how environmental factors including, parenting and adverse experiences, affects childhood development. In the future, Sarah hopes to earn her PhD in Clinical Psychology to better understand clinical interventions for children who have experienced trauma.

Headshot of Natalie Cayon, a woman with dark hair who is a research assistant in the biobehavioral lab. Natalie Cayon
Clinical Research Assistant II

Natalie received her BA in psychology, with a minor in human development and inequality studies from Cornell University in 2021. She is interested in how environmental factors, such as stress and family support, can affect child development and psychopathology, specifically in marginalized communities. In the future, Natalie aspires to earn a PhD in clinical psychology in hopes of contributing to the knowledge of child psychopathology and its current treatments and interventions. In addition, she hopes to take a more clinical approach by working closely with children with mental and behavioral disorders.
Marialuisa Cummins Marialuisa Cummins
Clinical Research Assistant I

Marialuisa received her BS in Psychology and Health with a concentration in Public Health; additionally, she minored in Sociology with a concentration in Health and Medicine as well as in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Houston. She currently works as a bilingual research assistant for the Biobehavioral Research Laboratory. Her research interests include working with the Latinx population but, more specifically, how cultural stigmas such as familism, stress, and their surroundings come to affect a child's development and outlook on mental and behavioral disorders. In the future, Marialuisa aspires to earn a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology to contribute to a growing knowledge of how cultural backgrounds affect a child's development into adulthood while also taking a clinical approach to hopefully help break down the stigmas surrounding mental health disorders within the Latinx community.
Headshot of Emma Jenkins. Emma Jenkins
Clinical Research Assistant II

Emma received her BA in psychology from Boston University in 2021. She is interested in the various mechanisms, including stress exposure and parent-child relationships, which contribute to the development of psychopathology during childhood. Emma is also interested in what factors may help young children cope with their big emotions, and how to increase access to such factors within more vulnerable populations. In the future, Emma hopes to earn her PhD in clinical psychology and contribute to the development and implementation of effective treatments for childhood psychopathology.


Rosalia Rojas Rosalia Rojas
Clinical Research Assistant II

Rosalia received her B.A. in Child and Adolescent Development with an emphasis in Applied Developmental Science from California State University, Northridge. Broadly, she is interested in the impact social determinants of health have in the development of child psychopathology within historically marginalized youth. More specifically, how various adverse life experiences exacerbate the risk for anxiety and depression. Rosalia plans to pursue a PhD in Developmental Psychology in order to evaluate and implement mental health treatments for underrepresented youth in low-income communities.


Headshot of Ada Kamenetskiy, a woman with blond hair who is a research assistant in the biobehavioral lab. Ada Kamenetskiy
Clinical Research Assistant II

Ada received her B.S. in Psychology, with a minor in Neuroscience and Human Development from the University of Maryland in 2021. As an undergraduate, she worked as an ABA therapist and has clinical experience with children affected by autism spectrum disorder. Ada joined the Emotion Project in the Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience in 2021 and is excited to continue working on the project extension within the Biobehavioral Research Laboratory. Ada is particularly interested in researching how to improve behavioral, cognitive, and neural interventions for children with developmental psychopathologies. In the future, Ada hopes to obtain her PhD in clinical psychology to advance the implementation of effective treatments and preventive measures.
Headshot of a brunette woman, maggie modico, sitting in front of a blue background Maggie Modico
Clinical Research Specialist I

Maggie received her B.S. in Psychology, with a minor in Human Development from the University of Maryland in 2020. Maggie joined the Emotion Project in the Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience in 2020, and is now following the study to the Biobehavioral Research Laboratory, where participants will be followed into early adolescence to further understand risk factors related to the onset of anxiety disorders. Broadly, Maggie is interested in studying the development of psychopathology during childhood. In the future, Maggie hopes to earn her PhD in Clinical Psychology and contribute to research studying the effectiveness of interventions treating childhood internalizing and externalizing symptomatology.
Headshot of Mulligan-Kaitlin Kaitlin Mulligan
Clinical Research Assistant I

Kaitlin received her B.A. in Psychology, with minors in the Sociology of Health & Medicine and Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences from the University of Michigan in 2022. As an undergraduate, she worked as a research assistant on projects looking at race bias in ADHD, and bias in the perception of children’s creative defiant-type behavior. She has clinical experience working with children through a program designed to target and improve executive functioning for children with learning differences using online games. Kaitlin is very excited to be joining the Emotion Project extension within the Biobehavioral Research Laboratory. In the field of psychology, she is very interested in neurodevelopmental disorders, specifically ADHD and other learning differences, and the development of psychopathology during childhood and adolescence. In the future, Kaitlin hopes to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology to work with children conducting neuropsychological evaluations.

Lab Alumni

Where did our lab alumni go next?

  • Cassandra Svelnys ‘19: Clinical psychology PhD program at University of Denver
  • Michaela (“Mickie”) Gusman ‘19: Clinical psychology PhD program at Arizona State University
  • Michelle Huezo Garcia ‘19: Epidemiology PhD program at Boston University
  • Brian Benitez '20: Doctor of Medicine program at Harvard Medical School
  • Helen Day '20: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program at Yale University
  • Molly Cunningham '21: Masters of Science in Nursing program at Rush University
  • Abigail Bosse '21: Masters of Social Work program at Boston College
  • Caroline Howell '21: Accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing program at Regis College
  • Juliana Mendonca '22: PsyD program at William James College
  • Anne Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff '22: MD-PhD program at Yale University