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  1. Wennerberg, K, Forget, MA, Ellerbroek, SM, Arthur, WA, Burridge, K, Settleman, JE, Der, CJ, and Hansen, SH (2003) Rnd proteins function as RhoA antagonists by activating p190 RhoGAP. Curr Biol, 13: 1106-1115 (PMC2657934)
  2. Zegers, MMP, Forget, MA, Chernoff, J, Mostov, KE, ter Beest, MBA, and Hansen, SH (2003) Pak1 and PIX regulate contact inhibition during epithelial wound healing. EMBO J, 22: 4155-4165 (PMC175788)
  3. Frank, SR, Adelstein, MR, and Hansen, SH (2006) GIT2 represses Crk- and Rac1-regulated cell spreading and Cdc42-mediated focal adhesion turnover. EMBO J, 25:1848-1859 (PMC1456948)
  4. Bustos, RI, Forget, MA, Settleman, JE, and Hansen, SH (2008) Coordination of Rho and Rac GTPase function via p190B RhoGAP. Curr Biol, 18:1606-1611 (PMCID4084715)
  5. Doehn, U, Hauge, C, Frank, SR, Jensen, CJ, Duda, K, Nielsen, JV, Cohen, MS, Johansen, JV, Winther, BR, Lund, LR, Winther, O, Taunton, J, Hansen, SH*, and Frödin, M* (2009) RSK is a principal effector of the RAS-ERK pathway for eliciting a coordinate, pro-motile/invasive gene program and phenotype in epithelial cells. Mol Cell, 35:511-522  (PMC3784321) *co-senior/corresponding authors
  6. Frank SR, Bell JH, Frödin M, and Hansen SH (2012) A βPIX-PAK2 complex confers protection against Scrib-dependent and cadherin-mediated apoptosis. Curr Biol 2012;19:1747-1754 (PMC3470768)

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