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Jobs and Training | Overview

The Zetter laboratory comprises 10-12 investigators, about half of whom are Ph.D. or M.D. post-doctoral fellows and half are undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. This page contains a listing of positions available within the lab.

Positions available for:
Post-Doctoral Fellows
Graduate Students
Medical Students 
Undergraduate Students
Visiting Faculty


If you are interested in any of the listed positions please e-mail Bruce R. Zetter. State the position in which you are interested and include a brief description of your research experience as well as the names and phone numbers of three individuals who are familiar with your work.


Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • We have openings for one or two new fellows to join the Zetter laboratory each year.
  • Preference is given to those who have or can obtain independent post-doctoral support but all are welcome to apply.
  • Fellows are encouraged to spend a minimum of two years in the laboratory.
  • We welcome scientists who have backgrounds in any of the following fields: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, and Tumor Biology.
  • Clinical Fellows are welcome to apply but must have prior research laboratory experience.
  • Applicants should apply at least 8-12 months prior to their anticipated start date.

AnchorGraduate Students

  • Graduate students from the Division of Medical Sciences at Harvard Medical School or from other Harvard affiliated programs are welcome to join the Zetter laboratory for a 3 month rotation as part of the program requirements.
  • The lab can accept only one rotation student per term (fall, spring or summer).
  • Rotation slots are available for the fall term (Sept.-Jan.), spring term (Jan.-May), and summer term (June-Aug.).
  • The laboratory can accept up to three full-time Ph.D. thesis students at any one time.
  • Research projects focus on the molecular and cellular biology of tumor metastasis and on the regulatory mechanisms controlling tumor cell and endothelial cell migration.

AnchorMedical Students

  • Medical students including M.D./Ph. D. students are welcome to conduct research projects in the Zetter Laboratory on the topics of tumor metastasis and on the regulation of cell migration and cell proliferation in tumor cells.
  • Medical students wishing to spend a summer in the lab should contact Dr. Zetter during the preceding winter.

AnchorUndergraduate Students

  • Undergraduate students are invited to conduct research projects in the Zetter laboratory on the topics of tumor metastasis and on the regulation of cell migration.
  • Summer positions for undergrads are generally filled 6 months in advance.

AnchorVisiting Faculty

  • The Zetter Laboratory can accept one visiting faculty on sabbatical leave each year.
  • Preference is given to scientists who can spend the major portion of a full year in the lab.
  • The laboratory will provide space and research support and can assist visiting scientists in attaining salary support under special conditions.