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Researcher | Research Overview

Dr. Rettig’s academic interest is in the field of respiratory physiology. She is focused on projects, which result in better understanding of respiratory support and therefore more efficient and effective use of this technology at the bedside. Working in the Arnold lab, she has used electrical impedance tomography (EIT) to better understand regional distribution of ventilation and pulmonary compliance. Other projects include the use of large data analytics to develop models of computer aided mechanical ventilation and decision support at the bedside. The overall goal is to provide better patient care and ultimately build protocols and evidence-based guidelines, which will benefit the field as a whole.

In addition to this primary research focus, Dr. Rettig has also undertaken QI projects, including revising the respiratory care protocols for the hospital. She has a strong passion for education and has designed and launched an on-line interactive curriculum for the Pulmonary Medicine Faculty, which focuses on the use of non-invasive ventilation outside of the ICU setting. Dr. Rettig has helped develop the Pediatric Core Curriculum content with the American Thoracic Society and has created the Pediatric Critical Care Fellows transport curriculum.

Researcher | Research Background

Dr. Jordan S. Rettig obtained her MD from the University Of Connecticut School Of Medicine. She subsequently completed a residency in Pediatrics (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) followed by a fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care (Boston Children's Hospital) and a fellowship in Pediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care Medicine (Boston Children's Hospital). She is currently an Associate in Pediatric Critical Care at Boston Children's Hospital and an Instructor in Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Rettig is the Associate Medical Director for Neonatal and Pediatrics at Boston MedFlight. Dr. Rettig serves as a PCCM representative on the Education Committee for the American Thoracic Society and is also the Vice Chair of the Massachusetts State Board of Respiratory Care. She has been recognized by the fellowship and residency programs for outstanding teaching and has recently taken on the role of supervising the Critical Care Medicine International Observership Program.

Selected Publications

  1. Rettig JS, Smallwood CD, Walsh BK, Rimensberger PC, Bachman TE, Bollen CW, Duval EL, Gebistorf F, Markhorst DG, Tinnevelt M, Todd M, Zurakowski D, Arnold JH. High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation in Pediatric Acute Lung Injury: A Multicenter International Experience. Critical Care Medicine. In press. 
  2. Gómez-Laberge C, Rettig JS, Smallwood CD, Boyd TK, JH, Wolf GK. Interaction of dependent and non-dependent regions of the acutely injured lung during a stepwise recruitment manoeuvre  Physiological Measurement. Physiol Meas. 2013 Feb;34(2):163-77
  3. Wolf GK, Gómez-Laberge C, Rettig JS, Vargas SO, Prabhu SP, Smallwood CD, Vitali SH, Zurakowski D, Arnold JH. Mechanical Ventilation Guided by Electrical Impedance Tomography in Experimental Acute Lung Injury. Critical Care Medicine. 2013 May;41(5):1296-304

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