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Khashayar Vakili, M.D. received his BS in Biology from Boston University followed by his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine in 2002. He subsequently completed a General Surgery residency followed by a fellowship in Liver Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery in 2009 at Lahey Clinic Medical Center.

In 2009, he joined the Department of Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital as a pediatric transplant surgeon and currently serves as the Surgical Director of Liver, Kidney, Intestine, and Multivisceral Transplantation.

He has been active in several national committees such as Pediatric Committee, Kidney Committee workgroups, and Pediatric Liver Collaborative; advocating for pediatric patients. He is an active member of the Center for Mid-aortic Syndrome and Renovascular Hypertension and performs various aortic and reno-vascular reconstructive procedures.

Dr. Vakili’s laboratory focuses on liver cancer biology, particularly fibrolamellar carcinoma in addition to patient-derived liver organoid biology. He has published on the role of the Hippo pathway and DNA damage response pathway in pediatric hepatocellular carcinoma. His most recent efforts are focused on developing a drug screening platform for targeting DNAJB1-PRKACA in fibrolamellar carcinoma.

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