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Orah Platt's research focuses on sickle cell disease. She has defined the epidemiology of the major complications and has dissected the sickle red-cell membrane in an effort to find new therapeutic strategies.

Recently, in collaboration with Carlos Brugnara, she has demonstrated that the antifungal clotrimazole can block dehydration, and ameliorate sickling of red blood cells. ICA-17043, a drug developed on a metabolite of clotrimazole, has been readied for Phase III trials in treating sickle-cell disease.

Researcher | Research Background

Orah Platt received her MD degree from Harvard Medical School. She completed an internship and a residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and a fellowship at Children's Hospital Boston. Dr. Dr. Platt is Master of the William Bosworth Castle Society at Harvard Medical School and has been honored with numerous awards for teaching and mentoring.


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