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from Bahrain to Boston for IBD treatment
Gassen's parents traveled halfway across the world to give their daughter, who suffered from very early onset inflammatory bowel disease, a fighting chance.
common cold can turn into pneumonia
How do you know if your child's common cold is becoming pneumonia?
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clinical trial for spinal muscular atrophy
Vivienne has a rare disorder that causes her muscles to weaken and waste away.  But she's gaining strength and energy thanks to a clinical trial for a new medication.
grand rounds

Beth stevens

Breaking news! Boston Children's neuroscientists Beth Stevens is a 2015 MacArthur Fellow. Her "genius" grant will further her research on glial cells' role in the brain—both in normal pruning of synapses during early development and pathologically in disorders like autism and Alzheimer’s.

Carrick recovers from cancer as a newborn
Chemotherapy. A central line. Infection. Surgery. It’s not what most families anticipate for the first few months of their new baby’s life.
Global Pediatric Innovation Summit + Awards 2015

online portal for undiagnosed patients
Patients with similar symptoms can find each other like never before, and are increasingly empowered to lead in research and discovery.

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Levy Lab

Volunteer for a Research Study

Violet's journey - Part one: The journey begins

Cardiac Caregiver Wayne Tworetzky MD

Boston Marathon and Boston Children's Hospital: A shared history at the finish line

Reducing leg spasticity with selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR)

Interactive Media Wall | Boston Children's Hospital

Pediatric emergency care in your community

Overcoming an ACL injury - Olympic bound slopestyle skier Julia Marino

Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery

Doctor Profile: Ellen Geminiani - Sports Medicine Division

Will's Story - Intestinal malrotation and volvulus

One family takes on Moyamoya disease with twin surgeries

Pediatric Medical Innovation - Boston Children's Hospital

Taylor's battle with a brain tumor | Boston Children's Hospital

Kyah's Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)

The future of pediatrics will be forged by thinking differently, breaking paradigms and joining together in a shared vision of tackling the toughest challenges before us.”
- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO

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