Samara Jan Turkel Clinical Center

The Samara Jan Turkel Clinical Center for Pediatric Autoimmune Disease provides comprehensive and coordinated care for children and their families who are facing the complexities of challenging autoimmune diseases.

The Center is staffed by a group of professionals dedicated to the care of children with autoimmune conditions. When appropriate, we also involve a wide range of consulting specialists throughout Boston Children's Hospital.

As part of our clinical care, we can provide your child with:

  • outpatient and inpatient treatment
  • a wide range of rehabilitative therapies
  • pain management
  • access to complementary therapies such as acupuncture and massage
  • developmental and psychosocial support

Care for mind and body

Here at the Samara Jan Turkel Clinical Center, we understand that autoimmune conditions can profoundly affect the emotional, mental and social health of your child and your family. That's why in additional to our medical services, we also offer a number of other resources to help your family cope with these issues, including:

  • a psychologist who pays special attention to developmental and social issues often overlooked in children with chronic medical conditions
  • information concerning national support groups and other resources
  • participation in small group discussions for children with certain diagnoses with other patients their age

Raising awareness of autoimmune disease

Boston Children's Center is also raising awareness in the medical community and the general public about the critical need for these resources through contact with referring physicians, participation in national and international committees, and organizations, outreach and education at Children's and beyond.