Education Core | Qualitative Research

As part of the Institutional Centers for Clinical and Translational Research’s Design and Analysis Education Series, this course will give attendees a working knowledge of qualitative research approaches and methods for use in pediatric re-search. This course is split up into two sections: an introductory session and then a series of advanced sessions. Participants may come to one of the sections or both. The course is designed for pediatric researchers: investigators and assistants, junior faculty, fellows, residents, and others who wish to expand their knowledge of clinical research search  to include qualitative approaches/methods.
Information for both sections is included below:

Introductory Session: September 25th, 10am-12pm

Topics will include:

  •  Key differences between qualitative and quantitative research and the unique value it can bring to clinical research and knowledge creation
  •  Qualitative research vs. qualitative methods
  •  Key components of qualitative research: theory, objective, data gathering, analysis methods and a road map for implementation
  •  Critical attributes for establishing and maintaining research rigor and validity.


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Advanced Series: Wednesdays, October 4th- October 25th, 10am-12pm 

Session 1-4  topics will include:

  •  A working definition of qualitative research
  •  Theory in qualitative research
  •  Design, implementation and analysis of five different commonly used qualitative approaches:  Grounded Theory, Phenomenology,  Ethnography,  Case Study and Content Analysis. 
  •  Preparation and execution of interviews and focus groups
  •  Mixed methods research
  •  Key factors in rigor and validity in qualitative research

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