Tectal Gliomas

What is a tectal glioma?

A tectal glioma is a low-grade, slow-growing brain tumor in the tectum, the roof of the brain stem. The brain stem controls vital body functions such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Tectal gliomas originate in a certain type of glial cell (meaning that they make connective tissue in the brain), known as an astrocyte, for its star-like shape.
  • Most children with tectal gliomas are between 3 and 16 years old.

How we care for tectal gliomas

Children with tectal gliomas are treated at Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Hospital through our Glioma Program, one of the world's largest pediatric glioma treatment programs. Our internationally-recognized pediatric brain tumor specialists have extensive expertise in treating all types of gliomas, including tectal gliomas.

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