LearnWell and Boston Children's Hospital have teamed up to provide quality tutoring for all eligible patients. These services are free of charge to the family. LearnWell contracts with the local school systems.

All students will be seen in accordance with their home state's legal requirements for home bound and hospital tutoring. Massachusetts students are eligible for home bound and hospital tutoring services if they anticipate being absent from school for 14 days or more. The 14 days of absence can be consecutive or add up to 14 days non-consecutively.

If a student is from a parochial or private school, we may have to wait for an approval. In this case, the child life specialist will be kept up to date on the progress of the referral.

If a family wants tutoring services only when they get home, LearnWell can send the school system a referral in order to initiate the process. However, the parent/guardian must make contact with the school system. (The Director of Special Education or Student Services at a school is usually in charge of setting up a home tutor.)

How it works: 

  • If your child is currently in the hospital, contact the child life specialist on that unit.

  • Hospital tutors will contact the child's school to obtain a curriculum and develop an individual plan for your child.

  • Each student working with Learnwell receives attendance credit and is kept up to date with his or her classroom curriculum.

Any family interested in receiving educational services or further information about LearnWell, can call 508-732-9101.