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Conditions We Evaluate | Overview

Evaluation and Treatment

Welcome to the Autism Language Program at Boston Children's Hospital. The staff in the ALP have extensive experience diagnosing and treating children and adults with autism spectrum disorder by using these tools:

  • Communication
  • Assistive technology
  • Augmentative Communication
  • AAC
  • Visual Language
  • Visual Supports
  • Technology

Preparation for Your Visit
To obtain an appointment in the Autism Language Program, families must fill out the ALP intake form, so that the clinician can best prepare for the child's first visit. Reports, tests or other evaluations are helpful to send also, if they are available. Once the information has been received, an appointment can be scheduled.

What to Bring to Your First Visit

  • Your child's favorite food, toys, movies so that your child feels as comfortable as possible
  • Any other reports or tests