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It’s tough to get motivated when I’m watching my favorite show. How can I make myself get up and move?



Get off the couch

Sure, we all have our favorite shows. And it’s fine to watch them in moderation. Screen time becomes a problem when you watch show after show and don’t get off the couch for hours.

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  • How many episodes do I watch in one sitting? Are there commercial breaks?
  • It can be hard to take a break from your favorite show. Some kids say:
    • “I don’t have any reason to get off the couch.”
    • “I get too involved with the show and lose track of time.”
    • “It’s how I relax after school.”
  • Can you relate? What makes it hard for you? What could you do?

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Get some ideas that have worked for other kids


Turn-off plan

  • Make a daily or weekly schedule. Plan when you will watch your favorite show, and when you will stop watching. Keep within the recommended time limit.
  • Set a timer to limit how much time you spend watching your favorite TV show. When the timer goes off, get up and do something active.

Build activity into your screen time

  • Get up after one episode to walk around, do housework, or play an active game.
  • If you watch TV, turn commercial breaks into active breaks. A half-hour TV show averages 8 minutes of commercials. Use those 8 minutes to do quick bursts of high-intensity exercises, like jumping jacks or push-ups. These exercises require no equipment and you may be able to do them in the same room as your TV.
  • Stand up while watching your favorite show.