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What if I share a bedroom or sleep place?



Believe it or not...

…most kids share a bedroom or sleep space with at least one other person, usually a brother or sister. Sharing a bedroom has both pros and cons.

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  • Is my sibling doing something that makes it hard for me to sleep?
  • Sharing a bedroom can be hard. Some kids say:
    • “My brother is too noisy.”
    • “My sister stays up late doing homework in bed.”
    • “Our bedroom is a mess. I can’t relax with so much stuff everywhere.”
  • Can you relate? What’s hard for you? What could you do? 

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Get some ideas that have worked for other kids.


Learn the benefits

  • When kids share a room, they learn a lot about how to live and deal with others. They learn how to see each other’s points of view and work things out.
  • People who share rooms develop close bonds. If possible, chat with your roommate as part of your wind down.
  • Kids who share a bedroom often sleep more soundly once they fall asleep.

Work things out

  • Instead of getting angry or frustrated, practice your negotiation and compromising skills. Set rules you both agree to follow. Here are some ideas:
    • No television in the bedroom.
    • No homework in bed.
    • Phones off at an agreed-upon time.
    • Tiptoe quietly when others are sleeping.
    • No turning on bright lights when others are sleeping. Use a nightlight or flashlight.
    • Keep the bedroom door closed when others are sleeping.
    • Keep the room neat. Pick up your stuff to create a restful environment.
    • No eating in the bedroom.
    • Use headphones to listen to music or podcasts (inexpensive earbuds are widely available).
  • Think about how you might create a personal space to read or listen to soothing music in one corner of your bedroom. Put a pillow in the space, hang a few pictures on the wall.