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Patient-Sibling Tutoring | Overview


School Work Assistance Team (SWAT)

Established in 2011, the School Work Assistance Team (SWAT) provides free tutoring services at the bedside of any patient, or their sibling(s), who don't meet the criteria for public school tutoring. To date, PRADA members have volunteered over 1,000 hours of tutoring on subjects ranging from Kindergarten-level spelling to SAT prep.

Advocating Success for Kids (ASK)

Whereas SWAT is directed towards the inpatient population, ASK is a service for outpatients in the Children's Hospital Primary Care Center (CHPCC). Tutors offer the same services to outpatients as they do in SWAT, but so in shorter sessions, spread out over the weeks or months that the patient is seen in the CHPCC.