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2020 OFD/BTREC/CTREC Faculty Career Development Fellowships ANNOUNCEMENT (13 Awards) 

Sponsored by the Office of Faculty Development and the Research Committees (BTREC and CTREC)

Deadline for Applications: 3 PM Thursday, February 13, 2020
Applications (in 1 PDF document with the applicant’s last name in the file title) should be emailed to OFDFellowships@childrens.harvard.edu
Endorsers’ letters from Chairs and Mentors should be given a title with the applicant’s last name and the endorser’s last name, emailed separately from either the endorser or their AA, not the applicant, to OFDFellowships@childrens.harvard.edu
Purpose of the Career Development Fellowships
The purpose is to provide transitional funding for Instructors and Assistant Professors to enhance research productivity during the early critical years of an academic research career. The awards will support resources for research including supplies, salary (PI and/or research assistant), or other requests, upon review, that will contribute to the individual’s academic career development.
The Career Development Fellowships (13 awards)
Each of the Career Development Fellowships provides $50,000/year in direct costs for two years: 
4 awards are designated to junior faculty who belong to a racial/ethnic population underrepresented in medicine and science (URiM) OR who have family responsibilities such as being the primary caregiver for children and/or parents
9 awards are unrestricted and open to all junior faculty who meet eligibility guidelines
Those applying under the restricted category are also eligible for the unrestricted awards. 
The awards are funded 75% by the hospital and 25% by the Division/Department/Program.

MD, PhD, or equivalent; current primary academic appointment at Boston Children’s Hospital and receiving salary/benefits from Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) or a BCH foundation or be a member of the joint BCH/DFCI Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Program; [Instructor or Assistant Professor at HMS (by July 1, 2020)]
Demonstrated excellence in research training, productivity, and a well-defined focus in clinical, translational, or basic research, but without substantial independent support

Not eligible to apply are faculty
who have received a BTREC/CTREC recruitment package within the past 4 years
with a fundable score on their R01 application 
who are previous awardees of an OFD/BTREC/CTREC Faculty Career Development 

2020 FAQ
2020 OFD/BTREC/CTREC Career Development Application

2020 Scoring Guidelines 


2019 Career Development Fellowship Recipients

Dusica Bajic, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor of Anaesthesia; Impact of Infant Rat Morphine Administration on Immediate and Longterm In-Vivo Brain Size Using MRI

Johanna Calderon, PhD; Assistant Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry; Autism Spectrum Traits in Congenital Heart Disease: Impact of Neuropsychiatric Morbidities and Modifiable Risk Factors

Avika Dixit, MBBS, MPH; Instructor in Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases; Insights into the geographical distribution of drug resistant tuberculosis using large scale genomic data
Zhongjie Fu, PhD; Instructor in Ophthalmology; Metabolic Support for Photoreceptor Health

Eric Gaier, MD, PhD; Clinical Fellow in Ophthalmology (Instructor appointment 7/1/2019); Exploiting Principles of Timing-Dependent-Synaptic Plasticity to Treat Amblyopia

Lakshmi Ganapathi, MBBS; Instructor in Pediatrics,  Infectious Diseases; Determinants of Risk Behaviors and Utliization of HIV Prevention Services Among Young People in High-Risk Populations in India

Peng Guo, PhD; Instructor in Surgery, Vascular Biology; Engineering CD24 antibody-drug conjugate for metastatic osteosarcoma

Laura Lehman, MD; Assistant Professor of Neurology; Imaging and Cognitive Biomarkers in Children with Moyamoya

Loretta Li, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, DFCI - Pediatric Oncology; Mechanisms of Resistance to Type I and Type II JAK2 Inhibitors in B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL)

Kenneth Michelson, MD, MPH; Instructor in Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine; Delayed Diagnosis of Serious Pediatric Emergency Conditions

Nora Renthal, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics,  Endocrinology; Translating Human Height Genetics to Skeletal Biology by Functional Genomics of the Growth Plate

Jennifer Snaman, MD, MS; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics,  DFCI; MyPref: A Communication and Decision-Making Tool for Adolescent and Young Adults with Advanced Cancer

Yunhao Tan, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, GI-Nutrition; Synthetic Immunology and Anti-tumor Immune Responses


2018 Career Development Fellowship Recipients

Christina Astley, MD, ScD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Endocrinology; Immunologic Signatures of Type 1 Diabetes Onset and Temporary Remission

Melissa Burns, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Therapeutic Targeting of the Hedgehog Pathway in T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Lillian Guenther, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Interrogation of CITED2 as Novel Target in Ewing Sarcoma

Lauren Henderson, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Immunology; Th1 Reprogramming of Regulatory T Cells in Oligarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Lisa Mahoney, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics ( 7/1/2018), GI-Nutrition; Exhaled Breath Condensate Metabolomic Biomarkers of Extraesophageal Reflux

Kiran Maski, MD, MPH; Assistant Professor of Neurology; Cognitive Effects of Disrupted Nighttime Sleep in Pediatric Narcolepsy

Sarah Nelson, PhD; Instructor in Anesthesia (7/1/2018), Pain Treatment; Biomarkers of Allostatic Load: the Phenomenology and Association with Pain-related and Pyschosocial Outcomes in Youth with Chronic Pain

Anne O'Donnell, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Genetics; Evaluating How the Altered Epigenetic Landscape in Mendelian Chromatin Disorders Contributes to Phenotype

Jodie Ouahed, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, GI-Nutrition; Role of Interferon Lambda Signalling in Mucosal Homeostasis and Infantile-Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Maxim Pimkin, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Divergent Core Transcriptional Circuities Highlight Context-Specific Vulnerabilities in AML

Craig Platt, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Immunology; Mechanisms of the COPI Complex in Mediating Humoral Immunity and Viral Control

Stephanie Roberts, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Endocrinology; Elucidating the Mechanism of Mkrn3 Action through Overexpression in the Mouse Hypthalamus: a Key Player of Pubertal Timing in Children

Christopher Yuskaitis, MD, PhD; Instructor in Neurology; The Critical Role of Nutrient Sensing in the Developing Brain: Implications for Epileptogenesis and Brain Malformations


2017 OFD/CTREC/BTREC Career Development Fellowship Recipients:

Thea Brennan-Krohn, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases; Antimicrobial Synergy for Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae

Juan Manuel Leyva Castillo, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Immunology; Regulation of Skin-derived Dendritic Cell Functions by Innate IL-4

Peter Davis, MD; Instructor in Neurology; Brain Network Biomarkers of Epilepsy Development in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Angela Feraco, MD, MMSc; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; The Day 100 Talk: A  Pilot Feasibility Study of a Communication Intervention Targeting the Early Treatment Period in Pediatric Oncology

Katie Greenzang, MD, EdM; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Parental Worries and Consideration of Late Effects of Pediatric Cancer Treatment

Pui Lee, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Immunology; Mechanism of Inflammation in Systemic Vasculitis Caused by Deficiency of Adenosine Deaminase 2

Yang Li, PhD; Instructor in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, PCMM; Elucidating the Mechanisms of NLRP3 Inflammsome Assembly and Regulation

Yangming Ou, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Newborn Medicine; Developing Neonatal Brain Atlases to Standardize MRI Interpretation of Neonatal Brain Injury

R. Grant Rowe, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Modeling Splicing Factor Mutations in Myelodysplastic Syndrome Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Ye Sun, MD, PhD; Instructor in Ophthalmology; A Novel Inflammatory Regulator Controls Retinopathy of Prematurity

Jay Thiagarajah, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, GI-Nutrition; The Regulation of  Aquaporin-3 Signaling in the Colonic Epithelium

Jorge Velarde, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases; Structure and Function Studies of LL-37 Binding to CsrS of Group A Streptococcus

Jennifer Yeh, PhD; Member of the Faculty (pending appointment Assistant Professor of Pediatrics ), General Pediatrics; Evaluating the Future Impact of Precision Medicine in Pediatric Oncology

2016 OFD/BTREC/CTREC Faculty Career Development Fellowship Recipients

Vassilios Bezzerides, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Cardiology; Use of iPSCs and Optogenetics for Risk Stratification of Patients with CPVT

Catherine Brownstein, MPH, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Genetics; Genetic Basis of Rare Mendelian Disorders with Application to Sudden Unexplained Death in Pediatrics and Interstitial Cystitis
Grace Chan, MD, MPH, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics,* Medicine Critical Care; Fetal Stress and Preterm Birth in Tanzania

Julia Chu, MD, MPH; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Development of a Gene Therapy Model for DOCK8 Deficiency

Natalie Collins, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Molecular Mechanisms of Immune Evasion

Andrew Hong, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Elucidating Mechanisms Driving Renal Carcinomas to Deliver a Rational Approach to Cancer Directed Therapy

Alisa Khan, MD, MPH; Instructor in Pediatrics, General Pediatrics; FACES - Family Activation and Communication around Errors and Safety

Ji Miao, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics,* Endocrinology; Targeting Nuclear Receptor Co-Regulator for the Treatment of Metabolic Disorders

Sang Won Park, PhD; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Endocrinology; BRD7's Role in the Development of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Gayle Pouliot, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Investigating the Fanconi/BRCA Pathway in T-ALL

Sari Reisner, ScD; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, General Pediatrics; Advancing US Transgender Health Research
Lauren Wisk, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine; Building an Empirically-Derived Screen to Detect Vulnerability to High Health Care Burden for Youth with Chronic Medical Conditions

*promoted to Assistant Professor of Pediatrics 3/1/16

 2015 OFD/BTREC/CTREC Faculty Career Development Fellowship Recipients

David Bickham, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine; Investigating How Adolescents Use Electronic Media and Communication Technologies as a Strategy for Coping with Symptoms of Depression

Heon Yung Gee, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Nephrology; Mutations in FAT1 Cause a Glomerotubular Nephropathy

Rachael Grace, MD; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Biomarkers of Clinical Severity and Treatment Response in Pyuvate Kinase Deficiency

Junne Kamihara, MD, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Understanding the Genetic Predisposition of Pediatric Thyroid Cancer

Kristen Leeman, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Newborn Medicine; Regulation of Lung Stem Cell Differentiation in Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia

Enid Martinez, MD; Instructor in Anesthesiology, Perioperative, and Pain Medicine (Critical Care Medicine); Optimizing Measures of Gastric Emptying in Mechanically Ventilated Children

Maitreyi Mazumdar, MD, MPH; Assistant Professor of Neurology; Why Does Environmental Arsenic Disease Decrease the Effectiveness of Folic Acid in Neural Tube Defect Prevention? Investigating Gene-Environment Interaction

Yana Pikman, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology; Targeting Mitochondrial One-Carbon Folate Metabolism for Novel Acute Myeloid Leukemia Therapy

Camilla Richmond, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, GI-Nutrition; The Regenerative Role of Intestinal Stem Cells in Inflammation

Ruobing Wang, MD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Pulmonary Medicine; Targeting the Complement Anaphylatoxin C5a Receptor in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Pneumonia

Fan Zhang, PhD; Instructor in Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases; Multiple Antigen Presenting System for Eliciting Optimal B- and T-cell Immunity Against Staphylococcus Aureus

Special Recognition:
Jonathan Mansbach, MD; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine and General Pediatrics; Prospective Study of the Airway Microbiota in Technology Dependent Children Before, During, and After Lower Respiratory Infection

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